Your creative genius is hungry for inspiration? Feed it with our finest silk screens.

Don’t resist the temptation! Check them out!

Give them a try!


make something unique just for you...

spend some time playing with our screens, create something unique just for you...have fun, relax...


for your friends...

give a piece of yourself to your loved ones, give them your time and passion... a handmade gift shows you care… let your friends have a piece of your heart… the more you give, the more you’ve got!


together with your family...

have fun with your children, help them conjure up their magic world! let them be creative, do not disturb, observe and learn, shush... ;-)

Follow your passion!

MOIKO is a prefect detective.

Polymer clay


Silk screens, size A7, for printing on polymer clay, prepared especially with hobbyists and craft workers in mind. All you need is a block of polymer clay, acrylic paint and our silk screen. Let's try to create something unique together!

Remember. Our silk screen could be an artwork... in your hands.



Let your mugs blossom on your table. DYE them with your favorite color, so they won’t DIE! May their sight delight you as well as your family and friends.

Release your creativity!



Spend some quality time with your child in a cheerful and creative way. Build a magnet flotilla to stick it onto your fridge door or fill the fridge with delicious cupcakes even before dinner.

Print a funny pattern on a button, make a key hanger or anything your imagination urges you to create. The only thing you need is polymer clay, acrylic paint and MOIKO. When your children are ready with printing, let them color the picture using markers or pencils. Have fun!

Please contact us if you have any questions or remarks. If you have any ideas which you would like to realise, let us know. Maybe we can do it together? Thank you!

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