Malgorzata Wawrzynczak

I am a polymer clay hobbyist and owner of MOIKO brand.

My company was established in 2013. Since then I have been providing clients all over the world with silk screens for polymer clay. Polymer clay became one of the biggest adventures of my life right next to my family.

What were your beginnings with the polymer clay?
The beginnings date back to my maternity leave and me – pregnant, in front of a computer. The first impression: a medium for children, but later I found works made by Nikolina Otržan and Eva Haskova. Then some time after I made it to the first international workshop with Kathleen Dustin. It was wow!

What do you love most regarding the polymer?
What I most enjoy are the possibilities offered by this medium and the fact that it is an endless adventure.

What do you consider to be your best polymer success?
Creating the MOIKO brand. When in 2009 I went to Antwerp with only a very tight budget, which allowed me to stay in the cheapest and shabbiest hostel in the city, not even for a moment would I think I could manage to do something like that.

Where do you search for an inspiration for your craft?
All around me – I like to travel, I like to observe people, that is quite enough for an unlimited source of inspiration.


Is there someone who inspired you the most? Whether with his or her approach, advice or creation?
My first fascination with polymer clay began with Eva and Nikolina, and to this day, works by these two artists remain my favorite ones. However, the circle of my favourites has much extended when I got more acquainted with polymer clay and works of other artists from all over the world.

Being a lecturer and teaching workshops around the world, you travel a lot. Do you enjoy such a lifestyle? Do you like meeting people from different countries and discovering new places?

I will be running my first international workshop in Pilsen in October 2018; earlier, I ran classes in Poland – in various parts of our country. Getting to know new people and places – even on a smaller, local scale – is always a great experience. All the more reason to be looking forward to what lies ahead of me.