Maj 24, 2018

half day class No. 1

During this half-day class, I will teach you her innovative bangles made from polymer clay using interesting silkscreen techniques. I will show you how to make these patterns with different mediums like pastels, powders, acrylic paints. You will learn how to create the base for the whole bangle and the shape with holes. I will present you her new silkscreen templates so you will have a chance to try her new design as first. In the end, you will apply all patterns on the bangle and get to know how to finish it clean and precious.

half day class No. 2

Black&white series – I think my favorite one lately 🙂 For a change the bracelets are not printed. During the workshop you will learn how to make such hollow form from pc.

half day class No. 3

Bracelets again 😀 As you probably already know I am bracelets’ addict 😀 This time you will learn how to make colorful printed bracelets. The class was oryginally prepared for Polymer Week Magazine,

half day class No. 4

During the class you will learn how to make bracelets from 2 separate layers, 3D effect. The class was originally prepared for Polymer Clay Adventure 2018

half day class No. 5

Funny circles – they can become a brooch or a pendant – up to you 🙂

half day class No. 6

If you feel like you need something more as pure polymer clay, I would like to offer workshop combining pc with embroidery. I am totally into those pendants lately, as I feel (or my hands feel) I need to touch something else as plastic. If you feel the same way, I hope you will join me 🙂

more workshops & more new technics will be added soon 🙂 stay tuned!